The Wind Rises: Concept art

It’s my dad’s birthday!!!


Much love to the king who put this prince on the planet earth. You did it pops you made a winner.


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Nigga yo bitch ain’t shit, my lil homie hit that


Much love to @bjextracts for stocking me up with some 5 star meds for my trip out to ATL. This is Agent Orange nug run, grown by @3rd_gen_family. Some of the best genetics in NorCal. What’s all my fam dabbin on tonight? 

If we have any supporters out in the ATL, send me a DM and we’ll link up!


I am auctioning this beautiful gold fumed wire wrapped pendant on my instagram @potbay
The highest bid is currently only at $85
pay pal only
please bid on originally instagram post, if you do not have instagram send me a message and I will place the bid for you. 
Good luck!!!!